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Apogee’s Unit 1203 is up for Sale

Among the many reasons why living in Miami Beach is so appealing is being able to wake up every day to the South Florida sunshine illuminating your home and the nearness to the South Beach area.  You will always have the option of spending a morning enjoying a hearty beach run or grabbing some coffee and a bite to eat at one of the open-air restaurants.  One of the best buildings to enjoy such an experience is at Apogee South Beach.  With it style, superb location near the southernmost point of the city and luxurious units, it’s the quintessential living experience captured in a truly incredible building.

Today we’re taking a look at Unit 1203 within the Apogee condo.  This flow-through unit has three bedrooms and bathrooms and over 3,000 square feet of living area and faces to the north and south.  Some of the features in this unit include ten-foot ceilings, recessed lighting, modern appliances, “Smart Home” technology, and walk-in closets.  There is also a unique eleven-foot wide balcony that can be used as an outdoor living room and accommodates a summer kitchen.  Apogee’s amenities include a modern fitness center, spa, two-story lobby, and a resort-style swimming pool on a beautiful sundeck.

For more information on this unit or any of the Apogee South Beach condos for sale or rent, contact Apogee condo expert and Miami Beach Realtor Tim Allen of Blackstone International Realty by calling 305-588-2451.  Information on Apogee condo amenities, floor plans, and other South Beach condos for sale is available upon request.

The Home Selling Process

Selling a home can be an exciting but daunting process.  The anxiety home sellers experience when deciding what to price their house, whether to host an open house or not, or if hiring a real estate agent is in their best interest, can be terrifying.  The home selling process has various steps that should be completed in order to ensure that the experience is as pleasurable as possible.  Below is some information regarding those steps, and what a home seller should do to prepare themselves.

Tip #1: Research the Real Estate Market – When beginning the home selling process it is important for home sellers to read up on the local and national real estate market.  This information is vital as it allows the seller a starting point for deciding price and what season the property should be listed.

Tip #2: Compare Other Houses on the Market – By comparing other houses that are like the one being considered for sale, the seller is able to set the best price possible.  When deciding which houses to compare, it is best to look for houses with similar features, like the same number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other amenities.

Tip #3: Gather a Team of Professionals – While some sellers prefer to list their property themselves, hiring a real estate agent and or lawyer at some point in the process is at most times a great idea.  Depending on a home seller’s financial situation, hiring an experienced, professional real estate agent can save time, money, and aggravation.  Additionally, in regards to a lawyer, some states require a lawyer to be a part of the negotiating and closing of the sale.

To learn more about the Apogee condos for sale, contact the Apogee South Beach expert, Tim Allen, at (305) 588 2451.

Interesting Facts about South Beach

Miami is a city known for its rich history, interesting attractions, unique residents, and luxury residences.  Like every major metropolitan city, this area has its share of strange and interesting facts and laws.  Apogee in South Beach is located in the heart of Miami Beach.  In close proximity to the high-end shopping centers, tasty restaurants, and entertaining attractions, visitors and tenants have a wonderful variety of options to choose from.  Below are a few little known interesting and random facts about Miami.

Random Facts: One of the most interesting things about Miami is the origin of the city’s name.  The word “Miami,” comes from the Tequesta word “Mayaimi,” which when translated means “sweet water.”  Interesting considering Miami Beach and South Beach are known for their white sandy beaches and clear, refreshing water.  Moreover, all visitors and locals know, suntan lotion is a must, interestingly enough, if it was not for Miami Beach pharmacist Benjamin Green, this wonderful invention probably wouldn’t exist.  In 1944, the intelligent pharmacologist developed sun tan lotion by cooking cocoa butter in a granite coffee pot on his wife’s stove.  That is very inventive for the 1940s.

Strange Laws: Despite the fact that some of these laws are still on the books, it is a safe bet to say that the police will not be enforcing them anytime soon.  For instance, in Miami Beach, hot dog stands can cost you up to 30 days in jail and fines, additionally individuals can face up to thirty days in jail for selling oranges on the sidewalk and/or for skateboarding at any police station.  Stranger still, in order to operate a burglar alarm, a permit must be acquired.  Good thing the police are not enforcing that last one, there would be a lot less safe places if it were imposed.

What interesting and unique facts do you know about Miami Beach?  For people with an interest in coming to this wonderful city and experiencing all of the unique attractions and creative individuals located here, or to learn more about the Apogee condos for sale, contact the Apogee South Beach expert, Tim Allen, at (305) 588 2451.

Tips to Find the Perfect Realtor

Whether buying or selling, a house is a huge investment.  Regardless of whether it is a homebuyer or a homeseller, the main purpose of gaining property is to maximize the original investment.  The right real estate professional is a great asset to achieving that goal.  Realtors are professionals that can help decide what a house is worth, figure out all of the confusing terminology in the contracts, and they can help ensure that a house is sold or found quite efficiently.  Proper research is key to ensuring that the right agent is found.  Below are a few tips to finding the perfect Realtor.

Know the Difference: While the terms agent, broker, and Realtor are often used synonymously with each other, there is a distinct difference between the three terms.  Not all agents or brokers are Realtors and not all agents or Realtors are brokers.  Some real estate professionals take their experience to the next level, by joining the National Association of Realtors and subscribing to its strict code of ethics, usually going beyond state law, these individuals are Realtors.

Hire a Professional: Regardless of if, it is an agent, broker, or Realtor, facilitating the transaction, experience is an important factor.  When interviewing a potential real estate agent, it is always important to find out how many years they have been in business and always get referrals.  No one wants to be a starter project, so ensure that the hired real estate professional has extensive experience in the market and in the neighborhood.

Price Smart: It does not matter if it is a homebuyer or homeseller, price is important and key to ensuring the real estate process is successful.  Choosing a real estate professional that concentrates on the price range that the buyer or seller sets is important.  This particular professional will be more knowledgeable about the market, thus ensuring that the transaction is a profitable one.

To learn more about the Apogee condos for sale, contact the Apogee South Beach expert, Tim Allen, at (305) 588 2451.

Why an Open House is Important

When selling your house and open house can be a great way to get interested buyers to make offers on your house.  Not only do open houses bring prospective buyers directly to your door, but they also will make your home more visible than most other options.  Below are some ways that an open house can be quite beneficial to a seller.
1.       Show that your house is different from the rest – Even though pictures are a great way to showcase your house, sometimes an open house presents an even better opportunity to show your house at its best.  Hiring a staging company would be a great way to ensure that your house not only looks it best, but also show prospective buyers the potential that your house has.

2.       Put potential buyers at ease – A one-on-one, timed meeting can make prospective buyers feel intimated, however, if you have an open house, there will be many prospective buyers, making all of them feel less self-conscious and more relaxed.

3.       Reduce your marketing costs – The costs of marketing a house can be quite expensive, but with an open house you can have many viewings in a short time, which can translate into a faster sale.

4.       Show how great your area is –A lot of consumers are not just interested in the house they are planning on buying, but are also interested in the neighborhood.  An open house not only allows customers to see your property, but it also gives them a chance to experience all of the wonderful attractions your neighborhood has to offer.
To learn more about the Apogee condos for sale, contact the Apogee South Beach expert, Tim Allen, at (305) 588 2451.

Apogee South Beach: No Pool for You!

Apogee South Beach

Apogee South Beach Pool

I was showing a condo at the Apogee South Beach this weekend and had to explain to a disappointed client that the Apogee South Beach condominium association does not allow showings of the common areas.

I understand how important privacy is for residents, but this rule is bad for business.  How can someone decide to spend a minimum of $6,000,000 on a three bedroom Apogee South Beach condo without seeing the pool, gym, etc.?  Sure, there are ways to evade this rule; however, nobody should have to evade a building rule to show Apogee condos for sale.

To the sweaty CEO’s in the gym and the celebrities hiding cellulite at the pool . . . get over yourselves.  How will you get the best price for your condo when a potential buyer of your Apogee South Beach condo misses the best parts of the building?

This picture of the Apogee South Beach pool will have to do for now.

Apogee South Beach Floor Plans

I wasn’t able to resist taking a picture of Apogee South Beach from the balcony of one of my listings today.  What a magnificent building!

The potential buyer of my listing in the adjacent Murano at Portofino was trying to figure out how many different Apogee condos had a view of his balcony.  So, I showed him some Apogee floor plans along with the building layout from this website.  He was amazed to see that just one Apogee condo occupied the Western portion of the building.  Yep, from front to back, the entire Western quartile of Apogee South Beach is just one condo; measuring 6,595 square feet (4,154 interior and 2,441 exterior square feet).  Therefore, at least for neighboring buildings, there are very few eyeballs next door at Apogee.

Click on the link above to view Apogee floor plans and a building layout to see how exclusive and unusually large Apogee South Beach condos really are.  You won’t be disappointed.